1.  Are all Christmas Grotto's Cancelled ?

Yes, well all of ours are. We believe to protect Santa the Elf's and the children all Grottos should be canceled as the risk is too high, It makes no difference if you in groups of 6,2 or 1 the risk to everyone is unacceptable. There will be your Santa Shows where you just see Santa on a stage and wave but that's nothing like the magical experience of a child sharing what they would like for Christmas with Santa. 

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   2.  Do I need a ticket for each Child and is this the real Santa ?

Yes, this is the real Santa, no fake beards, no clown wigs ! Each ticket is for a 5 minute live video call with Santa and he will be happy to chat to more than 1 child however to get the most out of the experience we recommend booking 1 time sl



   3.   Do I need Zoom for my Live call with Santa ?

Yes, although our zoom link will open in some browsers we recommended you download zoom on your device and ensure your sound and video all work.

   4.   How many minutes before do I need to be ready for my Santa Call ?

 we recommend you open the email link to your live video call with Santa at least 2 mins before your allotted time. REMEMBER IF YOU MISS YOUR TIME WE MAY BE UNABLE TO  RESCHEDULE AND WE OFFER NO REFUNDS.

    5.  Do I have to have my camera turn on ?

If you would like for Santa to see you then yes your camera will have to be switch on.  At the start of your video call zoom will ask if you want to send your video. Santa will be very happy with whichever you choose and you will of course be able to see him as his camera is always on.

    6.   The date and time I want is unavailable 

  Dates and time slots are limited and will sell out fast, we will be adding more slots so book early and keep checking for extra dates and times. 

    7.    How do I add a Coupon / Voucher ?

On the booking page make you selection including number of tickets, date and time of your live video call with Santa  then simply click add coupon at the checkout and your voucher will be applied.

    8,   Can I buy a voucher ?

Yes of course, they make excellent gifts but make sure the recipient knows to book early as tickets are selling fast !


    9, Do you support charities ?

We believe Christmas is a time for giving, for over 20 years we have supported a variety of charities, check out our Charites page.

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